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Hair Transplant on EMI

Going for a hair transplant surgery? Here’s How ladensitae Hair Transplant Center can help you in terms of finance:

A hair transplant is considered a cosmetic surgery and is rarely covered in any health insurance policy as it’s not related to the physical well-being of a person. But for a majority of the people, getting a hair transplant feels like a necessity because of shorter hairline is usually a cause for major embarrassment and under confidence.

What will be the Cost of a Hair Transplant Surgery for you ?

Usually, there’s no one-price- fits-all solution for a hair transplant surgery. It depends of the severity of hair damage and the number of grafts an individual requires. The number of grafts a person needs would, however, be decided by the surgeon based on the individual’s requirements.

Other factors that can have a bearing on the cost of a hair transplant surgery include the procedure, expertise of the surgeon, location of the clinic, and nature of the hair loss.

Advantages of having an EMI Plan to Pay your Bills

Unless you have plenty of money to spare in your bank account, opting for no cost EMI is the best way to finance your hair transplant surgery. Here are a few advantages of going the EMI way.

EMIs come with flexible schedules

One of the prime advantages of choosing an EMI option is that they usually come with flexible repayment schedules. Say rs.4000/-to rs.10000/-per month.

They make things affordable

It’s the 21st century where everybody wants to live the good life, particularly millennials who aspire to build a better future for themselves and the upcoming generations. But, inflation is slowly creeping up, putting even the simplest of things out of people’s reach, like your hair transplant surgery. Opting for an EMI Card would mean that the cost of the operation is taken care of through small payments every month over an extended period of time.

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