AFUE Hair Transplant Treatment

PRP + Hair Transplant (AFUE)

This is the best and the final treatment available for the patients where all other modalities failed. it gives you 100% satisfaction with very good natural looking hairs.

What is AFUE ?

  • Minimally invasive Hair Transplantation technique is Follicular Unit Exraction
  • @hairs from your own scalp (occipital area) are extracted with the help of machine after numbing (local anesthesia) your donor area.
  • No blade / scalpel is used. so no need of suturing, no risk of infection, no scar marking.
  • Extracted hairs La densities are transferred to your bald area after making small slits on your recipient area, an only local anesthetic is used during the procedure under the supervision of qualified anesthesiologist.
  • Patient is totally awake can enjoy songs movie during the procedure.
  • Usual duration taken for procedure is around 6 to 8 hrs.
  • Patient is discharged on the same day.
  • Procedure is almost painless.
  • Procedure is almost without scrach and stiches

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